Experience and Love of Animals

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Sandi Sagerian

Foster Coordinator



     Sandi spent over 43 years in the medical field as an RN and is currently the President of Partners-4-Paws. She has several years in Foster Coordination first with League City Pets Alive and most rescently with Bayou Animal Services.

   She is a foster herself and has the foster failures to prove it.  Sandi will be your primary source of contact and information.

There's No Place like Home

Animals do so much better in health status and behavior in a home environment.  The shelter itself is a harbinger of disease and stress from all the noise.

Placing an animal in a foster home allows their personalities to shine, and sheds insight into behaviors that adopters want to know about.

Adopters want to know if the animal gets along well with other species, Is the dog housebroken? Does the cat use the litter box consistently? Are they playful, timid, aggressive, fearful and other traits that you, as the foster are the only one that has the answers.

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Who Needs Fostering?

The answer is- any animal in the shelter that IS NOT on mandatory hold nor quarantined.  All benefit from being in a home environment.

Obviously the orphaned puppy or kitten that must be bottle fed,  Staff is not at the shelter 24/7 to provide this care.

Un-vaccinated and under vaccinated animals need fostering to prevent them from contracting the illnesses that are so abundant in a shelter environment.

Pregnant and nursing moms need out of the stress to properly deliver and care for their young.

Animals who have been injured or has had surgery need an environment where they can heal properly.

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Dogs who are heartworm positive and undergoing treatment require a calm and restful environment that is only available in a foster home.

Animals who are timid and depressed, or acting out by barking, snarling, hissing, etc need out to let their true personalities come out.

Animals who don't "show well"  needing socialization and frequent handling by people benefit greatly from a home environment. 

Animals, especially seniors are often owner surrenders due to death or long term care placement of their human family are truly lost without the foster program.

Fostering can bring out the best in the animal, making them more adoptable.

Animals that are underweight especially need the more frequent feedings and special diets that can only be offered in a foster home.