Foster home placement is taking the place of the traditional animal shelter nationwide as more and more communities opt to become "No Kill".

Placing animals into foster as soon as their mandatory hold time is completed frees up space for stray holding and mandated quarantine hold. Fostering reduces overcrowding and the dreadful need for euthanasia to reduce overcrowding.

Fostering also reduces greatly the burden on taxpayers in having to provide infrastructure, staff and other costs linked to institutionalized animals.

Fostering benefits the animals also by reducing stress, illness, and depression.  

Watch the video on the right to see if fostering is for you.

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Stop by Petco and look at our beautiful pets available for adoption.  All have been raised in foster homes.  

Meet the fosters and ask questions about the P4P foster program and how you can join us.

What Pets Say About Fosters

"Life Savers"

Lost and alone, I was scared, cold and hungry, but my life was saved first by one foster for just a couple days, then by the foster who has me now.  I'm ready for my own home."

Kitty Woo Woo - saved 10/3/2019

"Hearts of Gold"

"We were part of a litter of 6 and that's not easy to handle for anyone, but our foster did just that.  because she did, we not only survived, we thrived.  Thank you foster mom"

Twilight and Trixie - saved 9/26/2019

"Safe and Loved"

"I had lived most of my life outdoors, scrounging for food. Tragedy struck and I suffered a broken pelvis. Most would have put me down, but the staff at BAS found the most wonderful foster who helped me heal, found someone who wanted to adopt me, and made me the most loved of cats."

Achilles - saved 10/14/2019

"Very Caring"

I was desperate. My puppies were dumped in a trash bin and I burned my paws trying to save them. We were rescued and a foster took us in, fed us, cared for us, and showed us that humans can be kind.  Because of a loving foster, we all have forever homes now.

  Mama & family

P4P fostered

    - saved July 1, 2019

"Kind & Loving"

When I was dumped on a road and left in a strange environment, not one, but 2 fosters saved my life. The first by taking me in and nurturing me. She allowed me to show what a gentle dog I truly am. The 2nd by fostering, then adopting me. I've never had it so good.


P4P fostered 

- saved 8/31/2019

"What a lifesaver"

I followed my brother dog on a great adventure,and I was hit by a car.  I fractured my pelvis and leg.  Without a foster, I would have been put to sleep, but because someone cared, I was able to have the surgery I needed and am getting about quite well now.


P4P fostered

- saved 10/21/2019